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Medical Research trains enquiring minds

13th of June, 2017

It’s easy to understand why some may have questioned the need for a Medical Research Foundation back in 1961, when Professor Don Beaven and a group of committed Rotarians formed the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation.After all, isn’t Christchurch too small to be running world-leading medical research?  Isn’t New Zealand too small to expect to lead the world in such huge global health problems as cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions.

The answer, says Kate Russell, CEO of CMRF, is a resounding “No”.  Prof Beaven’s reasoning for starting CMRF is as true today as it was in 1961.“If we want to draw the best Medical Doctors to our hospital, then we must provide research opportunities for them to extend their own knowledge, develop and enquiring mind that, when confronted with a difficult case, digs deeper, goes further and approaches diagnosis with the ability to think laterally”  says Ms Russell.

For that reason, and to encourage and enable young researchers to further their careers in medical science, the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation, gives more than a million dollars away each year in grants for research into the conditions that affect so many New Zealanders, limiting both quality and length of life.