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Leaving a Legacy

13th of June, 2017

The Canterbury Medical Research Foundation has been Canterbury’s largest private funder of medical research since 1960 and has gained a loyal group of donors and supporters around it, to continue the important work started by Founder, Professor Don Beaven all those years ago. 

The Foundation has a broad fundraising programme but one of their most valuable tools is their Bequest Programme.  Many people would like to leave a gift to a charity in their will or even to start up a charitable trust to manage their family’s giving to charity, but they do not know where to start.

“It’s surprising still, how many people pass away not having made a will or having not kept it up to date.” Says Kate Russell, CEO of the Foundation. “We greatly appreciate people leaving a legacy gift to the Foundation because it’s such a great way for them to ensure that their support for our work, lives on beyond their lifetime.”

Some may be concerned that they wish to adequately provide for their family first, in their will, but providing the Foundation with a residue from their estate can be a great way to look after their family but make sure their chosen charity also receives something after all other distributions are made.

Legacies come in all shapes and sizes. From small gifts in the hundreds of dollars to much larger, they are all valuable and help us to continue giving significant grants to Cantabrian Medical Researchers. We know that for many people, they have had particular experience with a specific health condition and may wish to tag their money to research in that area.  We are always happy to tag money and provide to specific types of research.

Creating and maintaining an up-to-date will is a way for people to relieve their 

family of one of the major worries when a person passes away and most legal firms and Trustee companies have simple processes and forms for getting a will in place.

In the past year, the Foundation has funded $1.6 million to a wide range of projects, spanning in-lab scientific research, translational and clinical studies which will have an immediate impact on health practice and health infometrics which provide vital information for forward planning for Canterbury’s health services.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Foundation’s work and leaving a gift to medical research in your will, please contact Caroline at CMRF on 3531 245.