Opera Meets Art

Per Person
Individual tickets $75.00 each

Christchurch Art Gallery, Montreal St, Christchurch

Starts: Saturday 1 April at 7:00 pm

Finishes: Saturday 1 April at 10:00 pm

Registration Closes: Friday 31 March at 5:00 pm

A beautiful evening of popular opera from the Opera Club with the chance to purchase fine art from some of Canterbury's most well-known artists in our Silent Art Auction. Price includes drinks and canapes.

2017 Athol Mann Lecture - SIR RICHARD FAULL

Rolleston Lecture Theatre, Otago Medical School Christchurch, Riccarton Avenue (next to ChCh Hospital)

Starts: Wednesday 17 May at 6:00 pm

Finishes: Wednesday 17 May at 7:30 pm

Registration Closes: Monday 15 May at 12:00 pm

Sir Richard Faull's love affair with the anatomy of the human brain has traversed almost forty years, and has made him a man "obsessed" - but the 71-year-old said he is still just getting started. 
His obsession has led to ground breaking - and at times controversial research - which has revolutionised the understanding and treatment of brain disease. 
In 2007, Sir Richard was awarded the Rutherford Medal, the Royal Society of New Zealand's top honour, for his team's landmark finding that a diseased human brain can repair itself by creating new brain cells, something he had been taught as a med student was impossible.
Highly regarded internationally, Sir Richard is the director of the Neurological Foundation Douglas Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland, where he teaches and oversees world-leading research on brain diseases.
Sir Richard will speak to us about the work of the Brain CoRE (Centres of Research Excellence) – a collaborative project between the Universities of Auckland, Otago and Canterbury and our very own NZ Brain Research Institute as they look at the issues of the ageing brain and what we can do to stave off the onset of cognitive decline and Dementia.

2017 Wine and Art Auction

includes dinner, entertainment and all drinks
Individual tickets $160.00 each

Rydges Latimer, Latimer Square, Christchurch

Starts: Saturday 28 October at 6:30 pm

Finishes: Saturday 28 October at 12:00 am

Registration Closes: Friday 20 October at 5:00 pm

Our premier event of the CMRF social calendar where we auction a dazzling array of fine wines and art works from some of Canterbury's most well-known artists.